Following the Recommended Brewing Ratio




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    Ray Marquez

    Would you recommend the ratio of coffee grinds to water stay the same when french pressing?

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    Hey Ray,

    That's an awesome question, thanks for reaching out to me on this. When French pressing your brew, it's recommended that you weigh your grinds out to about 60 grams of coffee, but make sure you stick to the recommended 2.5:6 coffee to water ratio. 

    Check this link out, it includes a quick video on how to get an optimal brew from your French Press. 

    But, if you've got any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach back out! 

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    Eric Stiff

    How much coffee is in your K cups?

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    Rob D

    Can I get a caffeine mg level in your K Cups please?

    I’m always in a hurry and have even wired a brewer into my SUV’s  electrical system.  Great part of tailgating, a

    k cup, Kahlua and a smidge of daddy’s “special” Water and it’s Kick Off time! 


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